Spa of Kanjiza


The natural sanatorium in the North of Backa, the Spa of Kanjiza is situated at the brim of the small town of the same name dating from the 14th century, along the Tisa River, only 15 km away from the Serbian-Hungarian border; it is 40 km away from Subotica, 120 km from Novi Sad and 220 km from Belgrade.

Spa of Kanjiza year 1903

The healing water was discovered in 1903 and the City Council of Kanjiza established the “Kanjiza Bath from the Miraculous Well“. Mineral water was conducted to the town park, and then the first buildings for medical treatment and accommodation were built (a bathing facility with 12 rooms and 20 beds). Thus, the artesian bath of the “Miraculous Well” with its curing mineral water has attracted the attention of the guests from the country and abroad for almost a century now.

Pool with curing water - Kanjiza spa

The curing water has been exploited from three artesian wells, with two of them used since the time of discovery of the spring with alkaline water (27°-51°C). The third, latest well contains sodium-hydro-carbonated sulphureous water (64°-78°C) used in curing rheumatic diseases (the states after injuries of the osteo-articular system). It is also used for recreational purposes. Besides the water, bath mud (peloid) is also used owing to its specific contents.

The medical function promoter is the “Kanjiza Spa” Special Institute for rehabilitation, opened in 1979. The team of medical specialists and other staff administers the following treatments in their up-to-date facilities for physical medicine and medical rehabilitation: hydro (therapeutic pool, underwater massage, underwater elongation of spine, four-cell bath tubs) kinesis, electric and peloid therapies, inhaling, ultra sound, massage, acupuncture…

Apart from these therapies, this institution has for years now performed examinations aimed at early discovering of breast and abdomen cancers. Since 1994, the “Kanjiza” Institute has rendered children’s rehabilitation programme (starting from early age, with one or two months olds) for the deformities that have occurred due to difficult birth conditions or to neurological diseases, with prevailing muscular weakness.

Sunset on Tisa river - Kanjiza

Bathing in the healing water, strolls in the spacious park at the Tisa banks, picnics to Subotica, Palic and Ludosko Lake, Backa Topola, to “Zobnatica” horse-rising facility and to the cultural sites of the region – such as the well known archeological site near Novi Knjazevac – all enable successful healing, rapid rehabilitation and pleasant sojourn.

The favourable climate, a sports hall, solarium, sauna, indoor swimming pool with mineral water, football and tennis courts, athletic tracks … contribute to complete relaxing, refreshment and recreation, while sportsmen are offered superior conditions for preparing for competitions.